Why working out at the same time everyday would be beneficial.

  • More Likely To Stick To A Routine
    One of the main reasons why you should consider working out at the same time every day is because it requires a lot less motivation. That’s because when you stick to a regular routine, it quickly becomes a habit, whereas if you just workout whenever you have a little spare time, you are more likely to skip a few workouts because you may decide to do other things instead.
  • You are developing a habit
    Getting into and staying in a consistent routine is all about your habits. It’s about instilling different things that stick with you on a daily basis and help move you in the right direction towards your goals. We are creatures of habit. In fact, over 40% of our daily actions are the product of our habits – the things we do without even thinking about it. Imagine not even thinking about getting to your workout. That’s what training at the same time everyday can help you with.
  • Muscle Have Time To Recover
    Another benefit of getting into a regular routine is that you are always giving your muscles nearly 24 hours to recover. It is not generally a good idea to work the same muscles two days running, but if you do, or if you do lots of cardio, for example, they will get nearly 24 hours to recover. If you workout in the mornings and evenings, or at random times, then they will often get a lot less time to fully recover.
  • You Are Letting Your Family And Friends Know It Is Your Time
    You do so many things during the day so setting a time for your workout will help you stay accountable. Once this becomes your habit when other things come up during the day, you’ll have much easier time to prioritize your workout and let other things wait. Also once your family sees that they will get used to your new routine as well.
    Reinvesting in yourself and making your happiness, health and well-being is crucial. Moreover, a healthy and happy lifestyle can positively impact those around you. It may sound counterintuitive to put yourself first but this has an enormous
    impact on not only yourself but everyone around you. Investing in your own health will keep you moving and improve your mood, energy and overall well-being. By giving to yourself, you will be able to give more to those you care most about.