Mind muscle connection

🔹️Movement controlled by the brain. The first step towards muscular contraction is a signal sent by the brain to your muscle telling them to contract.
🔹️The more you improve that mind muscle connection, the more muscle fibers you will recruit.
🔹️This will result in better, quicker gains and better workout.
🔹️The workout when you actually feel the muscle that you’re working on is more enjoyable and it could prevent injuries.
Here are my best tips on how to develop that mind muscle connection 👇
1️⃣Be present, focus on your workout and turn off the distraction.
2️⃣Visualize the muscle you’re training. During each lift, visualize the muscle you’re working. Think about the specific muscle you want to focus on and direct your attention to that area of the body.
3️⃣Make sure your form is correct: when I give you cues on how to perform the exercise make sure to follow the move correctly and follow the direction.
4️⃣Perform each rep in a controlled manner
My main tip: You have to feel it and really squeeze that muscle.