Knee strengthening exercises

These stretches and exercises are design to improve your knee stability as well as improve the strength in the muscles surrounding the knee, and the muscles we are talking about are your quadriceps, hamstring and calf muscles. These are the 3 muscle groups we need to work on when talking about strengthening that knee joint however when we talk about stability of the joint where the knee joint is in space, and the bio mechanics of the knee your hips and your ankles would have more of a role of where your knee goes. Your knee only flexes and extends that’s why your hip and ankle controls where that knee flexes and extends, so not only we want to strengthen the hams, quads, and calves but we also want to strengthen and stabilize the hip and ankle joints in order to put that knee in better alignment.

Part 1: Stretches:

1.Calf stretch
2.Figure four (lose hip and it band)
3.Lying quad stretch
4.One leg press with resistance band 10 per leg
5.Leg drag in
6.It band stretch

Part 2 Exercises:

2.Bridges (hamstring and glutes)
3.Hip abductors (lead with your heal)
4.Leg extension, long arq quad
5.Hamstring curl
7.Calf exercise