About Klaudia

Hello, my name is Klaudia!

I am a Certified Personal trainer and a winner of several bodybuilding (bikini) competitions from regional shows all the way to a national level. My mission is simple. I want to help as many women as possible to achieve their fitness goals and to help them feel stronger and more confident.

Since a very young age I was always involved in sports. At school I used to play Volleyball, basketball, I used to be a long distance runner and I loved it. I knew that my future would have something to do with Fitness.

In my teenage years I made a few poor and unhealthy choices which led me to gaining weight and feeling low physically and mentally. It wasn’t until I started to work out again and started to feel happy.

Throughout my Fitness journey I’ve tried many different methods to get me the results I wanted. From spending hours at the gym to doing cardio 7 days a week. I was over-training and that made me feel exhausted physically and mentally.

I would lose weight only to get it right back. I was sick and tired of this constant battle.

The most important thing I’ve learn throughout my Fitness journey and I want to share with you is that is doesn’t matter how long you train for, how many hours you spend at the gym, whether you have personal trainer or you don’t, how much cardio you do or how heavy you lift. What matters is, is whether you can make training consistent for years to come not only for a special event.

That is why I created Fit4Life HIIT Training.